LIFE Capacities
in Lithuania
Project goals:
Develop Lithuania’s capacity to submit quality applications for funding under the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action
Project goals:
Make a better use of the LIFE programme by supporting on-going and closed projects and to make sure that the results of successful LIFE projects are disseminated and used widely


LIFE09 NAT/LT/000233

Baltic Aquatic Warbler - Securing Sustainable Farming to Ensure Conservation of Globally Threatened Bird Species in Agrarian Landscape

The main project objective is to ensure the favourable conservation status of the aquatic warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola), which breeds in wet meadows and open fens dominated by sedge grasses. The project will also bring added value to the conservation of other rare species that breed in similar habitats, namely the great snipe (Galinago media) and corncrake (Crex crex). Conservation of the species will be achieved by: restoring important habitats; applying measures to ensure economic and social motivation to maintain management of important habitats in the long-term; applying demonstration measures to increase the area of suitable habitat; and raising awareness about conservation needs and initiatives as well as species ecology to increase public acceptance of the project. Coordinator: Public institution Baltic environmental forum Partners: JSC Goldengrass; Latvian Fund for Nature; Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve Directorate; Kretinga State Forest Enterprise.

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