LIFE Capacities
in Lithuania
Project goals:
Develop Lithuania’s capacity to submit quality applications for funding under the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action
Project goals:
Make a better use of the LIFE programme by supporting on-going and closed projects and to make sure that the results of successful LIFE projects are disseminated and used widely


LIFE17 ENV/LT/000310

Nutrient recycling circular economy model for large cities – water treatment sludge and ashes to biomass to bio-energy (NutriBiomass4LIFE)

The main objective of the project is to create and demonstrate the first of its kind on the EU level full scale self-sustainable closed loop circular economy (CE) model for large cities’ nutrient rich waste - municipal wastewater treatment sludge (MWTS) and biomass ashes – recycling into renewable energy for city’s needs via environment friendly biomass plantation phytoremediation filter.

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