Eagles in the forest - Conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) in Lithuanian Forests (LIFE09 NAT/LT/000235)

LIFE09 NAT/LT/000235

The main goal of the Eagles in the Forest project is to protect the nesting sites of at least 10% of Lithuania's lesser spotted eagle’s population (more than 200 pairs) from direct destruction and the indirect effects of timber harvesting. The project also aims to ensure the long-term favourable status of nesting habitats for the entire population through carrying out protection measures in line with the ecological needs of the species, drawing up an action plan and new planning schemes for all SPAs designated for the lesser spotted eagle in the country. Information on the nests and their protection requirements will be distributed to all relevant stakeholders to avoid the deliberate and unintentional destruction of nests during forestry operations. The project will also focus on raising awareness among the general public and target stakeholders of conservation issues.      

Coordinator: Foundation for Development of Nature Protection Projects


Partners: „Litagros prekyba“, UAB

LIFE16 NAT/LT/000701
Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees (LIFE OSMODERMA)

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LIFE15 NAT/LT/001024
LIFEMagniDucatusAcrola - Stepping stones towards ensuring long-term favourable conservation status of Aquatic warbler in Lithuania (LIFE15 NAT/LT/001024)

The project aims to restore degraded habitats of the aquatic warbler in Lithuania, as well as in parts of Belarus. Reducing fragmentation of aquatic warbler breeding habitats is a major precondition for achieving a long-term favourable conservation status in its north-east European breeding range. Habitats in Lithuania are often key stepping stones connecting the remainder of the EU population (in Poland, Hungary and Germany) with that found in Belarus. Coordinator: Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania Partners: The State Scientific and Production Amalgamation „Scientific and Practical Center of The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Biological resources“; Kretinga State Forest Enterprise; Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve Directorate.

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LIFE14 CAP/LT/000008
LIFE LT - Building LIFE capacities in Lithuania (LIFE14 CAP/LT/000008)

The LIFE LT project aims to raise awareness among Lithuanian NGOs and SMEs about the opportunities offered by the LIFE Programme, to improve their knowledge and skills in preparing applications and implementing LIFE projects. Coordinator: Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Partners: Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania

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