More new applicants at the LIFE programme

July 10, 2019

More than 1100 LIFE programme concept notes were submitted from 27 EU countries for LIFE Environment Call 2019, meanwhile 11 concept notes from Lithuania (last year there were 5 concept notes from Lithuania). Additionally, 4 concept notes envisage associated partners in Lithuania.

In spring 2019 the film about LIFE programme which was shown on Facebook and Youtube helped us to attract new potential applicants. Project “Building LIFE capacities in Lithuania” intensive consultations and LIFE guide have influenced that more than half of the concept notes were submitted by private companies and nongovernmental organizations which participate in the LIFE programme for the first time.

This year the applicants were interested in all three priority areas of the LIFE programme: one concept note submitted for the priority area “Environmental governance and information”, the most popular area this year – “Environment and resource efficiency”. Quite important area remains „Nature and biodiversity “.

We encourage applicants to hurry up the drafting of LIFE proposals for Climate subprogramme. The proposals must be submitted via eProposal until 12th of September.