About us

Building LIFE capacities in Lithuania
LIFE 14 CAP/LT/000008
Coordinating beneficiary:
Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania;
Associated beneficiary:
Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.
Project duration:

Our tasks and services

Technical consultations

  • provide technical consultations for Lithuanian prospective LIFE applicants;
  • invite experienced experts to assist on project preparation;

Seminars for applicants

  • Organize thematic workshops for prospective LIFE applicants and beneficiaries;
  • Organize LIFE webinars;
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).
NGO meets business

Organize events where SMEs and NGOs will have an opportunity to discuss new LIFE projects

Online partner search tool and project idea database
Develop and administrate an innovative project partner and project idea database open for all interested organisations from Lithuania and other Member States

  • Develop methodical documentation in Lithuanian language;
  • Promote LIFE programme;