LIFE Info Day 2020 – on the 23rd of April

April 23, 2020

Life Information Day in Lithuania will take place in internet on 23 April 2020. We invite you to register. During the information day, you will find useful information about the 2020 LIFE Call and LIFE programme novelties. EASME representative from Brussels Šarūnas Zableckis will reveal the uniqueness of LIFE and NEEMO monitoring expert Viktorija Maceikaitė will share tips for applicants. Special guests will be present at the video conference – experts from Sweden, Estonia and Spain. Harriet Otterholm from Sweden will present how to improve the efficiency of solar panels with algae (project SUNALGAE for LIFE). Meanwhile, Estonian expert Timo Kark will reveal Estonia's experience in participating in the LIFE programme. A representative of Zabala Igor Idareta (Spain), an international consultancy firm, will share good practice on how to prepare a good integrated project. During the event, Inesis Kiškis, a representative of the Ministry of Environment, will present the objectives of the LIFE programme and the co-financing of Lithuania. You will have the opportunity to ask questions LIFE project coordinators and applicants.

Event programme