LIFE Seminar for experienced

April 24, 2017

A seminar for experienced LIFE applicants ‘What is required for a LIFE project?’ took place on the 24th of April 2017. Project manager A. Šmitienė presented LIFE programme, 2017 LIFE Call, thematic priorities and application process, while Ulf Castenfors, an expert from GIA Sweden AB, presented LIFE programme financing, shared insights on most common mistakes of applicants, provided valuable practical advice. The speaker stressed the importance of “close-to-market” projects too. The seminar was also attended by Lithuanian LIFE NCPs and Latvian capacity building project’s representative which gave an opportunity for the applicants to get a support and address co-operation for LIFE projects. Second part of the seminar consisted of 6 individual consultations. During the consultations, the potential LIFE applicants discussed their projects’ ideas and difficulties, the expert facilitated discussion and provided advice for the improvement of their proposals.

The presentation could be found here.