NGO meets business event: ‘Climate change projects: new financing opportunities’

April 27, 2017

Seminar ‘Climate change projects: new financing opportunities’ was organized on the 27th of April 2017 in Kaunas. LIFE NCP L. Čeičytė presented LIFE sub-programme for climate action, A. Šmitienė talked about LIFE financial requirements and close-to-market projects. N. Zableckis (NGO Lithuanian Fund for Nature) presented their experience in LIFE projects. Additionally, national climate policy priorities and national funding programmes for climate related business projects were presented. Two private companies shared their engaging experience in international projects on renewable energy. The event was organized in a cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Lithuanian Energy Institute.

 The presentations:

A.Šmitienė (LIFE programos finansavimo galimybės) APVA
L.Čeičytė (LIFE programos klimato kaitos prioritetai) AM
L.Čeičytė, R.Miškinis (Klimato kaitos spec.programa. Dvišaliai vystomojo bendradarbiavimo projektai) AM
N.Zableckis (LIFE projektų įgyvendinimas praktiškai) LGF
P.Kunčinas (UAB BOD Group patirtis-vystomojo bendradarbiavimo projektas Malaizijoje)
V.Auglys (Klimato kaitos politikos tikslai) AM
V.Auglys (Papildantys nacionaliniai finansiniai instrumentai) AM
V.Sučila (UAB Energetikos projektai patirtis-vystomojo bendradarbiavimo projektas Moldovoje)
A.Alijošiutė (Verslo aplinkosauginė atsakomybė Lietuvoje) LAVA