LIFEMagniDucatusAcrola - Stepping stones towards ensuring long-term favourable conservation status of Aquatic warbler in Lithuania (LIFE15 NAT/LT/001024)

Photographer: Ž.Morkvėnas
LIFE15 NAT/LT/001024

The project aims to restore degraded habitats of the aquatic warbler in Lithuania, as well as in parts of Belarus. Reducing fragmentation of aquatic warbler breeding habitats is a major precondition for achieving a long-term favourable conservation status in its north-east European breeding range. Habitats in Lithuania are often key stepping stones connecting the remainder of the EU population (in Poland, Hungary and Germany) with that found in Belarus.              

Coordinator: Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania


Partners: The State Scientific and Production Amalgamation „Scientific and Practical Center of The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Biological resources“; Kretinga State Forest Enterprise; Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve Directorate.