2020 Call for Climate proposals still opened!

August 31, 2020

The call for LIFE Environment sub-programme projects ended in 2020 14th and 16th of July. More than 1500 concept notes were submitted from across the European Union, of which 56% for Environment and resource efficiency, 28% - Nature and biodiversity, 16% - Environmental governance and information. In total, these projects are looking to invest more than € 5.1 billion, and they are requesting € 2.8 billion from the LIFE programme. The authors of the successfully submitted concept notes will be informed this year in November and will be invited to submit full applications until 2021 February.

Lithuanian companies and institutions submitted 9 LIFE project concept notes in the field of Environment and resource efficiency (8 - in waste and resource efficiency, 1 - in water), 4 LIFE project concept notes in the priority area of Nature and biodiversity and 3 - in Environmental governance and information.

16 concept notes from Lithuania submitted to the LIFE programme - that is significantly more than in previous years, and the total preliminary value of these projects for nature conservation, demonstration of technological solutions and behavioural change activities is € 47 million.

LIFE guide ( is the first step offered by our project for LIFE project proposals. This tool has also been prepared in English language for 2 priority areas of Environment sub-programme (Nature and Biodiversity; Environment and Resource Efficiency). LIFE guide and Budget form were updated for Call 2020.

The call for LIFE Climate sub-programme projects is still opened. The deadline for submitting full proposals is 6th of October 2020. More information: